Member Milestones

Member Milestones
The Carltonians are proud to highlight "consecutive year" Membership milestones achieved by our longest serving present day members:

William Austin Cook (1921 - 2012) holds the record for being the longest serving Carltonian Member.  Bill was a founding Member of our Coterie in 1964 and remained a Member for 48 consecutive years.

 In 2014, our Golden Anniversary year, 8 Carltonian Members received Life Membership status.  Life Membership will be bestowed upon any Member who is a Member of The Carltonians for 25 consecutive years.

30+ Years
Paul Scodella (Life Member)

Lionel Watts (Life Member)

Santo Zappulla (Life Member)


25+ Years
John Chesser (Life Member)

Romeo Crema (Life Member)

Betty Harding (Life Member)

Don Mathieson (Life Member)

Ken Spurr (Life Member)


20+ Years
Vince Loccisano

Mark LoGiudice

John Redmond


15+ Years
Kym Godson

Peter Lugg

Sam Passarella

John Pearce


10+ Years
Bruce Craib

Ses LoGiudice

Lynton Mackenzie

Colin Mandel

Sol Simon


*The milestones listed above are for continuous membership of the Carltonians.